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 The bottom line Is Located on top of the flushing toilet

Firm expects to pay the Marketplace
About two years ago, Faye Deutsch sprinted from a restaurant Toilet in Florida after touching base with what she called "the best product in the world."https://www.scoop.it/t/top-best-flushing-toilet-reviews
"She came from the womens' bathroom, grabbed me And pulled me," remembers her husband, Michael S. Deutsch. "I don't think I have ever seen her so excited. She said it was the best thing she had ever seen. It took me some time to acquire the rights, but I think in the product."

"The item" is a Hygolet, a mechanical bathroom seat which uncoils a sanitary plastic sleeve at the touch Of a button. Two Swiss brothers devised the product a decade back. Today, there are more than 200,000 of the units in stalls across Europe.
Deutsch is president of this Tri-State Hygolet Co., and owns Hygolet distributor rights for Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.
Apart from his wife's ringing endorsement, Deutsch considers the Market's ripe for the product, especially considering the feeling of health consciousness that's arisen due to an increase in contracted diseases.
"Health-wise, there is a real need for this Item," He said. "There's a sanitary seat every moment, there is no threat of spreading germs, and also the take-up spool is a secure way of disposal" The Hygoplast covering is a biodegradable substance produced in Korea whose primary ingredient is corn starch.
An evaluation by San Jose Clinical Laboratories in 1983 demonstrated that "the Hygolet is acceptable for keeping a clean surface and also limiting the chance of bacterial infection from flushing toilet chairs."https://medium.com/@toiletszones/how-to-choose-the-best-flushing-toilet-1297a73dd4df
Health officials, however, temper that enthusiasm.
Diseases are rarely, if ever, transmitted by toilet seats, says Nancy Menkhaus, a nurse in University Hospital's Infection Control Department.
But a product such as the Hygolet can go a long way toward Psychological relaxation.
"We do not have any Issues with diseases being contracted By sitting on toilets," she explained. "But from an aesthetic point of view, and for a person's reassurance, the item might make things simpler for them."
They are certainly easier for some of Deutsch's clients.
"I think it's superb. Our clients love it," stated Jackie Mitten, director at She & I For Hair in Madeira, one of Deutsch's accounts. "It's more sanitary, as well as the women feel safer."
1 former Hygolet customer liked the product, but said substantial Restroom traffic created the product impractical.
"I enjoyed it. It's a good Solution," said Jim Garrison, Manager of Funky's Cafe at the Kenwood Towne Centre. "But we have 1,000 people come through here every day, and we just could not keep up with shifting the rolls."
The item was first flushed on United States soil in New York Five years ago, and has since been picked up by distributorships in Florida, Chicago and now the Tri-state location. Fairfax-based Tri-State Hygolet is at the Virginia Avenue Executive Building at 3870 Virginia Ave., which is also a Hygolet client. So far, Hygolets have only been installed in womens' restrooms because girls use flushing toiletsmore often than men.
Founded in February, Tri-State Hygolet has 16 local accounts and Is arranging a campaign which includes direct mail and advertising.
"The product really enhances an institution's reputation And image, and it provides customers a certain peace of mind," Deutsch said. "People can not stop talking about it. It's the second-most favorite item in a restaurant. Besides, you do not know who used that toilet before you did, and this really is a revolution in hygienic cleanliness"
Deutsch said Hygolets save restaurants between 30 percent and 40 Percent in paper costs, because women do not need to paper the flushing toilet chair, and conserves on plumbing and cleaning expenses.
The firm has a part-time service employee and two employees. Deutsch expects to hire a full-time serviceman and three additional sales staffers shortly.
After discovering the product from Florida, Deutsch spent a Fruitless year seeking to contact the distributor until he made a decision to dial up the inventors direct. Armand and Bela Hefty pioneered Hygolets in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1979.
Normal clients are baldness, restaurants, hospitals and Country clubs. Local clients include Giacomo's, Willie's Sports Bar & Grille, Trio's, Buzzelli's Deli, the Westin Hotel, Bel-Wood Country Club, Terrace Park Country Club, Hair Tenders and Lasting Impressions.
The components can be either purchased for $200 or leased for $19.50 a month. Provide boxes, including 10 110-sheet rolls, 10 pairs of gloves and 10 take-up spools, price $60. The units operate on D-cell batteries, or onto a transformer that goes for $90. Service checkups are offered once weekly for the first month following installation, and after monthly thereafter.http://toiletszones.com/retailers-continue-soak-profits
Deutsch's distributorship rights came free, however his three-year Contract together with the Hefty brothers mandates Tri-State Hygolet sell a certain Number of the units yearly. He Wouldn't disclose the number, but said that Sani-Tech Metro in New York is selling 5,000 units Each Year, and also a German Company is about a 1,000-unit monthly sales pace.

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