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Local activist (Early retiree enjoying the mountains)

Nuneaton, Warwickshire  
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Chris Moore



 I am a chap who loves the beauty of the mountains. I have been a hill walker especially in the Lake District for the last 30 years with enforced absence for 21 years except for a few days each summer due to living abroad😔. Since retiring from work and coming home to the beautiful UK I have been able to spend much more time in the hills and have expanded from walking and camping into scrambling. Hence I now love Snowdonia as well as the Lakes and the Peak District. Also got my first Scottish walk done in the Mamores  

My my ideal day on a mountain is either a goold bright day on hard packed snow enjoying blistering views or a summer’s day scramble followed by sitting at the top of a mountain revelling in the view until its nearly dark and then bumbling down to the pub. 

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