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BMMS Science Day

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Bamford Village Institute, Main Road, Derbyshire, Bamford, S33 0AY [View in google maps]
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The inaugural British Mountain Medicine Society's Science Day will take place on Wednesday 13th November 2019. The event will take place at the Bamford Village Institute, right in the heart of the UK's Peak District. The day will feature talks, discussions and poster presentations from researchers, young and old, on a wide range of mountain medicine topics.

The day will be divided into three sessions. The first will be dedicated to leaders of UK-based research groups who will present their most recent research and outline their plans for the future. Don’t be surprised if there’s one or two calls for volunteers! The second session will be a chance for anyone with an interest in mountain medicine research to take the stage. This can be done by either presenting a poster or giving a short oral presentation. We’re looking for science in all it's forms - whether it’s a case study, a structured literature review or a randomised controlled trial - we’d like to hear about it! The final session will celebrate the legacy of the 1960/61 Silver Hut Expedition and feature contributions from original members as well as today's leading researchers.


To round off a fascinating day there will be an evening talk by Dr Mike Gill. The guest of honour was a 22-year-old medical student in 1959 when he followed up on a newspaper article that reported Sir Edmund Hillary was looking to recruit climbers for his next Himalayan expedition. As a climber, photographer, doctor and writer, Mike was closely involved in many of Hillary's subsequent expeditions. This wealth of experience led to the writing of, "Edmund Hillary: A Biography" and will be the subject of what promises to be a fascinating talk!


0945 - 1000 Welcome and Introduction

1000 - 1200 Session 1

Cardiovascular responses to high altitude - failing or coping? (Prof Christopher Boos)

ICAR - getting evidence based care into mountain rescue. (Dr John Ellerton)

Enhancing health and performance at high altitude - from lab to mountain (Dr Jamie MacDonald)

Metabolism and the mountains (Prof John O'Hara)

1230 - 1430 Session 2 

APEX 6 - Organising altitude research as a medical student (Sophie Hattersley)

The brain at high altitude: region-specific responses (Dr Gabriella Rossetti)

Who knows? Sharing mountain medicine research with the layman (Chris Smith)

The high's and low's of acclimatising - strategies and stories from Lenin Peak (Dr Stephen Taylor)

High altitude illness and Sir Edmund Hillary (Dr Mike Gill)

1500 - 1700 Session 3

A Celebration of the 1960-61 Silver Hut Expedition 

(Dr Mike Gill, Prof Jim Milledge, Dr Annabel Nickol and Harriet Tuckey)


Application of apnoea training to high altitude trekking - Dhaulagiri 2016 (Matt Barlow).

Marching to the Beet - beetroot juice supplementation during a high altitude trekking expedition (Matt Barlow).

Travel at high altitude - a layperson's guide (Denzil Broadhurst and Chris Smith).

The effects of beetroot juice on appetite, acylated gherkin and energy intake at 4300m simulated altitude. (Lauren Duckworth)

The effect of carbohydrate supplementation on substrate oxidation in hypoxia and the influence of breakfast consumption (Alex Griffiths).

A critical review of the diagnosis and management of annular pulley injuries in climbers (Dr Gareth Jones).

Frozen shoulder? Remote medical management of a field guide in Antarctica (Dr Gareth Jones).

Human cerebral blood flow-metabolic uncoupling during acute hypoxia: a magnetic resonance spectroscopy and arterial spin labelling study (Matt Rogan).

Wilderness medicine teaching within undergraduate education (Jake Warrington).


With the science wrapped up, we'll move to Outside in Hathersage. Here, we'll tuck into a curry and hear about Mike Gill's latest book - "Edmund Hillary: A Biography". A fitting end to a unique and very special day. We hope you can join us!

The cost of the day (£70 BMMS members £90 non members) includes - lunch, dinner and a signed hardback copy of Mike Gill's "Edmund Hillary: A Biography".

Tickets can be bought here

We realise that the cost may prove to be a real barrier for some who wish to attend. We would encourage anyone in this position to get in touch and we'll do everything we can to help.

CPD points from the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) have been applied for.

Please note this programme will change - more contributions are coming in all the time!

Read the full article on the BMC website: https://www.thebmc.co.uk/british-mountain-medicine-society-science-day-expedition-altitude

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