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Sphagnum moss planting – Peak District

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Location of event
To be confirmed, TBC, TBC, TBC [View in google maps]
Type of event
Help restore upland blanket bog by joining a team of BMC volunteers in the Peak District on Saturday 2 November.

The National Trust hopes to plant around 90,000 Sphagnum moss plug plants on parts of their High Peak estate this Autumn and need volunteers to help. This is part of their important work to restore upland blanket bog. The BMC Peak Area is keen to supply a team to help for a day.

Why it’s worthwhile
Sphagnum moss is a key building block of peat and healthy blanket bog keeps the underlying peat banks safe. Sphagnum traps carbon dioxide hence peat stores carbon and so protection and restoration of blanket bog is an important part of the fight against climate change! Did you know there is more carbon stored in the peat moors of the UK than in all the forests of the UK and France combined?

Sphagnum moss, with its extraordinary water retention qualities, also helps reduce flooding by holding back water on the moors after heavy rainfall while also filtering out peat materials that would otherwise be washed off into our rivers and reservoirs.

What will the work involve?
Spending around 4 to 5 hours, working as part of a small team, supervised and directed by National Trust staff, planting small sphagnum plug plants up on the moors. 

What will you need to bring?
You will need to bring sturdy walking boots (gaiters recommended) waterproofs, warm layers and hat, along with sufficient food and drink, for a full day out on the hill. You will also need a pair of heavy duty (gardening style) gloves.  All other tools will be supplied by the National Trust.

Where will the work take place?
Planting is already taking place but progress is highly dependent upon weather conditions. This means the precise planting site will not be selected until close to the chosen day (that’s why we’re asking for your contact details if interested). It is likely to be Ronksley Moor, in the Upper Derwent Valley (meeting point will likely be the A57 layby east of Ashopton Viaduct) or the north-western end of the Kinder Scout plateau (meeting point will then likely be the A57 Birchen Clough Bridge layby 1km north of the Snake Pass Inn).

National Trust will ferry volunteers from their cars, by Land Rover or mini-bus, to the nearest road-head before a relatively short walk up onto the moors and into the planting site.

When will the work take place?
The date is Saturday 2 November. We will need to arrive at the appointed car parking place at around 9.00 am to transfer to National Trust transport.  We’ll be returned to our cars for around 3.30 - 4.30 pm.

Who can take part?
Adults and older children (anyone under 18 may only come if accompanied by a parent or guardian who will must full responsibility for their supervision and welfare throughout). No dogs, sorry!

Then please contact BMC volunteer Peter Judd (via peak10roam-bmc@yahoo.co.uk or 0775 332 4485) to let him know you’d like to take part, he will add you to the list and will then contact you much nearer the time with the exact choice of parking location and any other last-minute details.


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