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Falmouth, Cornwall 
Group(s): South West Area
Gareth Greeves



Having a passion for the outdoors from a very young age I am active climber and hill walker, currently working in educational environments to increase young people's and adult's confidence, ability, appreciation and involvement in the outdoor world.  I've been very fortunate to have worked in a climbing wall environment instructing and being in charge of a large client base with a main aim to help young people progress with their personal climbing competence bringing them on from a novice standard alongside the NICAS course.  In addition to this I have worked a great deal with military groups on rest and relaxation leave and instructed on numerous adventure training courses.

My current employment allows me to work with a variety of groups, such as young people in danger of educational disengagement from a range of social and cultral backgrounds with varying physical and mental abilities.  The use of the outdoor medium is a great tool to install confidence and empower the young people to succeed in sports and activities such as climbing, bouldering and hill walking.  I also lecture on a FdSc Degree in Outdoor Education teaching both the theoretical and practical aspects of rock climbing and mountain leadership.

On a personal level I try to get out as much as possible and climb all over the country when time off allows with favourite places being the picturesque setting of Fontainebleau, the landscape and tors of Dartmoor or the remoteness of Pembroke and find that there's nothing quite as enjoyable as a long day out climbing in the range followed by a relaxing drink and top food in the St Govans.

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