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My Name is Andrew, I have been enjoying walking for about 2 years now so not long compared to many but how I wish I had started years ago. So far I have walked parts of the Yorkshire Dales, Peak District, Pennine way & Trans Pennine Trail and also other local walks and trails. I am walking Coast to Coast in July 2014 and my ambitions are to develop skills in Hill climbing and possibly Mountains, I am hoping to do mountain skills courses amongst others.

I am basically a solo walker, I find this is how I enjoy my time. I sometimes meet people out on walks and walk a way with them having a friendly chat. I am spending 4 days in Snowdonia in April 2014 and looking forward to the experience, there are many other places I want to walk but in time I will achieve. I also would like to walk a few places in the cairngorms and other parts of Scotland and also abroad. Living on my own gives me plenty of spare time to enjoy what I like doing. I hope many years of walking ahead & who knows what may come along that I can combine with walking, maybe a bit of climbing on mountains. I want to enjoy the countryside and my walks so I tend to shy away from large groups of people but in  this day and age of walking that is getting harder to do but then who can blame people for what we also enjoy. I do think poeple should have a respect for the countryside and the mountains which seems a bit lacking in some people, its a shame that some delicate and valued ares are trampled by walkers with no consideration for what they are harming. Its great to blaze a new trail but have a thought for whats beneath your feet.

I wish all other walkers safe and pleasant walks ahead and maybe one day we may meet somewhere along a path.

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