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Andrew Syme


BMC specialist volunteer

Shipley, West Yorkshire 
Group(s): National Council, Yorkshire Area
Andrew Syme



 I have been climbing and walking since becoming involved through scouts, in Leeds, during the late 70s.  I was passionate, to the point of obsession, in my teens and twenties; with multiple trips to the Alps and Scotland, as well as trips to Yosemite, Greenland and the Himalayas.  By the early 90s, with the commitments of a young family and work, I decided that I would be best to meet my desires through, mainly, walking and scrambling.  In 2007 I returned to actively climbing. 


My passion remains ice climbing and winter mountaineering, visiting Tubkal in Morroco in winter 2015 and Serrai di Sottoguda last year.  Being based in Shipley, I more regularly boulder, both indoor and out, climb ‘trad’ and have recently ventured into ‘sport’; though can’t get my head round this falling off thing!  

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