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I'm responsible for everything that goes wrong - and a few of the things that go right! I've worked for the BMC since 1997 initially as one of the Access & Conservation Officers, and as CEO since 2002.  My main priorities are to: ensure the financially security of the BMC; keep our work and services focused on the needs of members: manage the BMC's external relationships (with politicians, Government Agencies, land management bodies and many others), and; support the tremendous contributions made to the BMC by volunteers.

My interest in the mountains goes back to 1986 when I did the Everest Trek during a gap year before college.  Since then I've climbed all over the world including new routing in places like Mali, Mozambique and Venezuela. My preference is for out-of-the-way places; I recently bought a share in Mick Fowler's inflatable dingy so I'm expecting some aquatic adventures around the British coast over the next few years. I'm also a moderately keen fell runner and recently completed the Three Peaks Yacht Race which for me involved a 24 mile run up Snowdon and 16 miles up the Ben.

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