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Fiona Sanders


Local activist (Lakes Area National Council Representative)

Staveley, cumbria 
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Fiona Sanders



A mountaineer, rock climber and previously a caver, I love the outdoors and live in the Lake district. I have been involved in the Organisational Review of the BMC and now really appreciate what the BMC does for me as an indivdiual and also for me as part of a climbing club. 

I have experience of being a volunteer in The Climbers' Club eventually becoming the President and oversaw a revamp of many of the clubs huts but most particularly May cottage in Pembroke and gaining a lease on our Grange hut in Borrowdale.  

I have understanding of specialised committees through my work as Clubs committee Chair and from being the National Clubs representative on that committee.

Having attended most area meetings across the country i have a feel for local area issues and now i am happy to get involved in the Lakes area issues.

I believe that the way forward in this area is to use our social media to keep in touch with members and get their views. I think we are facing a tricky time in this area as the National Parks strategic objectives are somewhat out of line to many of us local people, climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

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