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BMC staff (Guidebook Coordinator)

Manc, Greater Manc 
Group(s): BMC Staff, Guidebook Committee, Limestone Guide Project, Student Clubs, Website Admin
Niall Grimes



I'm Niall Grimes and I'm in charge of guidebook production at the BMC.This is a time-consuming labour and involves a very high level on skill in cutting and pasting, and I'm also very good at drawing dotted lines on colour pictures. As you may gather, the job is not, as people seem to suspect, a gravy train ride of going to crags and climbing loads of routes. Most of the work is editorial and layout, although I do get to spend more time at crags than in most jobs, so I'm not complaining. 

I climb a lot, and doing Everest last year was a big highlight. Other than that, I love trad, bouldering, sport and climbing indoors, although I hate getting out of bed early, so Alpinism is out the window. I also love writing and talking crap.

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