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I am a freelance climbing coach and have been a Fundamentals trainer since 2007.  I started climbing at Leeds University and have never looked back.  Little did I know that this sport would take over my life so completely!!  I love climbing in all it’s forms, big or small, from trad to sport and have had a spell on the British Climbing Team competing in the bouldering world cups.  Given half a chance though, I would jet off to my favourite crag in the world; Arapiles, Australia!

I love the satisfaction of knowing that, through my coaching, someone has reached one of their climbing goals, whether that’s a new grade, particular route or learning to become self sufficient at the crag.  It’s great to know that I can pass my knowledge onto other coaches too, especially when other coaches feel inspired to make a difference in their own coaching as a result of attending a BMC Fundamentals workshop.

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