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Local activist (Landscape Working Group member)

Stirling, Scotland 
Group(s): Landscape Working Group
Mark Aitken



I have been and continue to be a very keen and active mountaineer for the past 30 years.  I work for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) as the Principal Policy Officer (Land), leading on land policy issues. My previous posts include Team Leader and Principal Consultant in Land Management with SAC until 2004, and 2 years as Land Policy Unit Manager in SEPA. In summary, I have 8 years experience of developing and implementing polices on land protection and prior to that I worked for 20 years in consultancy on land management issues.  I should however emphasise that my interest in BMC is in a personal capacity only. 

 I’ve climbed in 40 countries worldwide, this includes five expeditions to the Himalayas, six to the Andes and five to Africa. I have summited 10 mountains >6000 metres, including Denali (Mt McKinley), Aconcagua and Island Peak; and about 25 peaks   >5000 metres, including Batian, Pequeno Alpamyo and Elbrus. I’ve considerable alpine experience (mainly leading PD and AD routes) including ascents of Mt Blanc, Matterhorn, Eiger, Dent Blanche and Zinalrothorn, etc.




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