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Matthew Snell



 The Staffordshire university mountaineering club (SUMC) is full of people with different interests and abilities. If you're interested in climbing, walking or another form of mountaineering activity then this is the club for you. You don't need any experience to be in this club or lots of expensive equipment as the club has gear it can lend you.


The club also has a great social side, we go to the pub together at least once a week, run charity and fundraising events as well as meeting up three times a week for training sessions. Each year we also hold two club trips, where we go away for the weekend to climb outside or take a scenic walk as well as having a lot of fun.


The three weekly training session are held in the Sir Stanley Matthews Sport Centre, on Leek Road Campus. These are a good time to come down and see what the club is about and have a go on our climbing wall.


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