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Sheffield, South Yorkshire 
Group(s): Limestone Guide Project, Peak Area
Simon Lee



Brought up on a hill farm in Devon and was an enthusiastic walker from the age of 11 hiking in Wales and on Dartmoor.

In 1983 took up rock climbing with the Nottingham University Mountaineering Club and whilst a student climbed the Troll Wall, the North Face of the Dru and put up new routes at High Tor. I moved to Sheffield after graduating and remained an enthusiastic climber ever since. Highlights include: Rainbow Bridge, Scenic Cruise in the Black Canyon, Lord of the Flies, Conan the Librarian, Wil E Coyote (first ascent) Zoolook, Caveman, Astroman, K3, The Comici route, Priapos, Westside Story and Grand Wall Squamish with my son (pictured).

Formerly represented the Peak Area on the National Council 2013-2015 and assisted with the New Peak Limestone guides rewriting the Raven Tor and High Tor sections. Currently organise the Peak BMC Area Newsletter. Also a co-owner and manager of

Appointed BMC Commercial Partnerships Manager in January 2017 and resigned June 2018

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