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The Lake District is one of nature's great marvels. It also contains some of the best pubs and climbing in the world, but hardly anyone knows about them. Sometimes, that's just how is should be and the locals don't have too much of a problem with being a climbing backwater: it just means that they can enjoy the crags in peace without loads of "blow-ins" (that's you) getting in their way!

That's the image they like to project, anyway. The reality is that the folks up in the Lakes area are the nicest, friendliest people in the entire world. They really want you to climb on their crags (just so that they can burn you off) and they want you to experience the beauty that exists away from the honey pots of Langdale and Borrowdale.

The last two Lakes Festivals of Climbing have been great fun, and the next one will be even better: see you then.

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